Engage Your Students and Reclaim Your Time with the 1∙30∙9 Formula

Welcome back to TurnAround Thursday’s 5-Week STRONG FINISH CHALLENGE, where we are all about finding the little hacks and tweaks that can make a big difference in our classrooms and homes.

It’s Week 3, and we’re diving into the second of three Energy Hacks and today’s is …

A New Approach for Creating Synergy

As an educational leader or parent, it can be quite a challenge to create an environment where students are engaged and get along with each other without sacrificing all your time and energy. That’s why I want to share with you my STRONG FINISH Challenge Week 3, which focuses on implementing new rules using my 1∙30∙9 Formula to create a harmonious and inclusive classroom atmosphere in just nine weeks.

The goal of my 1∙30∙9 Formula is to establish a co-governance approach in the classroom, where both the teacher and the students have a voice in decision-making and management. This collaborative approach promotes a sense of ownership and responsibility among the students, leading to a more democratic and inclusive learning environment. By strategically navigating new rules and gaining buy-in from the students, we can achieve greater synergy and engagement in the classroom.

Any 9 Weeks will Work.  Do a Reset now!

You might be wondering why new rules are necessary. It’s not about discarding the old rules, but rather about creating a more cohesive and connected classroom environment. If you find yourself constantly dealing with behavioral issues and struggling to get all your students to engage in learning, then new rules and a new approach may be exactly what you need.

When I first tried this approach, I explained to my students that we were going to create new rules together. I wanted to hear their input and create a set of rules that they would love. By involving them in the process, they felt a sense of ownership and responsibility for their behavior, leading to a more positive and inclusive classroom atmosphere.

The last 9-Weeks can open new doors of
understanding for community to carry forward!

After watching this third video, today’s TurnAround is to JUST DO IT!   Invite your students into the solution with NEW RULES.

Once again, bring to mind the 1-3 students who you’ve been working to reach and teach, make a mental note of how they participate in this activity.  What are your insights about them now?

The key to success lies in creating a psychologically safe and synergistic classroom, and that’s exactly what the 1∙30∙9 Formula aims to achieve. By implementing new rules and involving the students in the decision-making process, you can foster a sense of unity and cooperation among your students. This approach not only benefits the students, but also gives you back the energy and enthusiasm to enjoy your life and family outside of work.

So, if you want to see your students come together synergistically and create a more positive learning environment, I encourage you to give the 1∙30∙9 Formula a try. By implementing new rules and collaborating with your students, you can establish a classroom atmosphere where everyone feels empowered and included in their education.

In the end, the 1∙30∙9 Formula is all about creating a harmonious and inclusive classroom environment without sacrificing all your time and energy. It’s a practical and effective approach that can bring about reliable outcomes, ensuring that both educational leaders and parents can lead a balanced and fulfilling life while nurturing a positive learning environment for students.

Reaching out …

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PPS … Did you miss WEEK 2?  Watch it now … and if you have any questions during the training, just jot them down and go here to post them and I will respond.

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