Interpersonal Training for Purpose-Driven Parents,
Educators & Business Professionals

Do you have intense situations in your life that are de-energizing but lack the know-how, time and oomph to get more of what you want and less of what you don’t want from the people you live, work and play with? Well, Mary’s self-paced online programs are designed just for you.

In these self-study programs, filled with energy engaging audio and video, Mary teaches you step-by-step how to: clarify your intentions; articulate your concerns, insights and observations without back-lash; deliver information and directives that generate vibes of peaceful engagement; and graduate from chasing after people to do their part to people showing up to work along side you and everyone else synergistically.

Through these time-tested programs, you’ll gain 24-hour access to our training modules, worksheets, transcripts, downloadable books, and more. Whether you’re just getting started or ready to grow, Mary has a program that’s right for you.

But that’s not all! 

You can also take these Online Programs to your colleagues as a UTrain ON-DEMAND Professional Development Workshops with a mix of instruction, and activities along with short bursts of LIVELY group discussion questions about what you are exploring in each Module!  Each program is ready for you to simply Press Play, then allow time to ask questions provided, discuss and reflect in groups.

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Confidently Defuse Explosive Student Situations with this Dynamic TurnAround System!
Attn: Educators, Administrators, Parents, and Professionals
You’ve tried: Timeouts, Punishments, Ignoring, Detentions, Suspensions, Restraints, and Seclusions. Along with PBS. PBIS. ABA. CPS. SEL. PAX. CHAMPS. RULERS. Teaching Empathy. Growth Mindset. Maker Learning. Bloom’s Taxonomy. Brain Based Learning. Personalized Learning. Project-Based Learning. Team-Building for Learning. Blended Learning. Genius Hour. Trauma-Informed Care. Zones of Regulation. Restorative Practices. And many others.  You have used the newest training models, which are excellent tools. Yet you hear yourself saying it’s not enough, that something is still missing, or that this is just taking too long with too much to do. Unlike other programs, MAPit gets you answers you didn’t even know you needed to know, quickly!
Make A Difference with the Power of Connection
How to TurnAround Behaviors in 30 Seconds or Less!
It’s THE little book with a big (complete) message. It’s 40 years of field-tested, effective and empowering ways to live, love and work with Today’s Youth. If you’re going to get children to do as you’ve asked, when you’ve asked, it’s not going to happen by accident. Make A Difference with the Power of Connection is a soothing and engaging 1-hour read. It’s for parents and professionals who need simple, immediately applicable strategies without spending days mired in text and extensive program implementation and processes. Learn Mary’s shortcuts on how to turnaround big, uncomfortable behaviors in 30 seconds or less … more times than not! Plus, Mary’s NEW “Road Map” Bonus Package!

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9 Weeks to a Make A Difference Year Playbook
Building a Safe, Inclusive Classroom Community

Every part of this curriculum has been “field-tested.” Experiencing the “done for you” exercises, activities and thought-provoking discussions together as a group, builds a safe community consciousness, which, after all, is the foundation of inclusion. If you are a Lead Teacher, Director or Administrator, to create school-wide involvement, your role will be to take your faculty through this weekly process just before the teachers begin the weekly activities in their classrooms. In this way, they can experience the exercises, activities and discussion possibilities for themselves, right before they do them with the students. This helps each person to understand—through experiencing these processes—how the activities will grow a community/team consciousness. This 9-Week Curriculum contains the activities I used as a teacher and school counselor.  When you come to know each other through these gentle, fun, yet highly heart opening activities, a compassionate community unfolds, and synergism is in the air!   Watch Free Lost Cause Kid Movie

Academic Success 101:
Accelerate Learning in Every. Single. Student.
“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows. Not the flower.” -Alexander Den Heijer
The problem is that our children are not broken. We just see them and treat them as if they are. This becomes the seeds that we plant, water, and feed their minds. An adult’s belief, attitude, vibe, and tone are everything. It’s the cornerstone of everything that comes after. Children are unskilled at problem-solving, communicating, and meeting expectations at an adult level. How do you fix what’s not broken? Learn to see the cues each individual’s neurological wiring is signaling with new eyes of understanding. Diagnoses and labels justify additional academic assistance and emotional support for children with problematic behaviors and unskillful communication. However, without relabeling them, it remains a double-edge sword which will become a self-fulling prophecy. This outcome has been documented in mountains of research from Stanford to Harvard. AS101 is a 10-part program that quickly shifts energy, problem-solves unproductive behaviors, and excels academic productively.

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Change Your Vibe, See Students Thrive

You can’t have an attitude and keep it a secret!  Any student you do not like, will feel it no matter how positive and encouraging you think you are being.  All of the best tools in the world will not be consistently effective long-term without the adults in charge understanding the quantum science, neurology and biology of interconnection.  It’s real, it’s felt, it’s measurable and it’s happening whether you mean for it to be or not. Kids are constantly picking up what you’re putting down whether it appears they are listening or not. The kids you are not getting through to feel your opinions, biases and judgments of them and they will have zero regard for you. TE’s 5- Step System illustrates quantum entanglement, i.e., co-mingling and just how powerful and influential you really can be without nagging, yelling, constant ultimatums, punitive time-outs, spanking, detentions and suspensions ever again.

Team Synergy 101: Getting IT Done
Getting Along All Day Every Day!
Whether you’re a manager, administrator or entrepreneur, trying every day to herd a bunch of cats into the same room at the same time, requires the kind of leadership skill that the Tom Sawyers of the world know about. Remember how he got everyone to paint the fence white, thinking they were having a great time, while he simply stepped aside! Running a business also includes effectively dealing with negative mindsets and misunderstandings that can lead to unproductive gossip and hurtful back-lash among staff, which can – if not effectively defused – ultimately will seep out to consumers and business associates. Everyone knows that you can’t make people like unlikeable people … or can you? TS101 is a 6-Step System that engages people in problem solving without all the fussing, arguing and fighting because it’s designed to shift their energy first, align them second and problem solve third.
Victim No More: Diffusing Bully Behavior
‘160,000 Kids Stay Home From School Each Day
to Avoid Being Bullied’ The Atlantic 2013

Do you struggle with how to deal effectively with those that bully?  Are you the victim of bully behavior, feeling hopeless and helpless?  Or are you the administrator, manager, parent or partner dealing with co-workers, youth and family members who use hurtful tactics to control and keep the world at bay? It’s time to resolve, dissolve and heal the fundamental issues underlying bully behaviors and victim mentality without using “teach them a lesson” abusive, attack back techniques. VNM includes Mary’s “What If When” System for both the bully and those on the receiving end of being bullied.  It is a judgment-free system to investigate that transforms behavior and constructively empowers everyone involved.  VNM’s will help 1) the person who is hurtful in their behavior, 2) the person on the receiving end of hurtful behavior, and 3) the person with the power to intervene, reach, teach and transform those involved.


Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment
Depression and Suicide Rates Are Rising Sharply in Young Americans
In 2006, Mary collaborated with Helice “Sparky” Bridges on making an online movie depicting a thank you story she’d received from a mother whose son did not commit suicide because of her Who I Am Makes A Difference Blue Ribbon Ceremony which she created in 1979 to eradicate bullying, end conflict, stop crime and violence, avert suicide, enhance self-worth. The original version of this movie can be watched at Mary felt the emotional high of the Acknowledgment ceremony needed to last longer. So she wrote a flexible MDPA Program which can be adapted to a One-Day, a Week, a Month or a Year-long program to create a “Make A Difference“ culture. It has 6 – 5-minute movies followed with heart opening questions and activities designed to help people learn how to better see and hear what’s really going on, so young and old alike don’t feel so invisible.
Connecting with Colors®: SYNERGIZE Your Life
Connection Turns ME into WE = Synergy

Imagine … BEing emPowering and emPowered, TRUSTing Your Instincts, Your Inner Feminine/Masculine Wisdom, Own Your Space and not be labeled a Jerk, a F@%# Up, a Barracuda, a Nag, a Control Freak, a Pleaser, Undependable or feeling Compulsive, Fearful, Needy Ever Again, by simply learning to instantly DIAL-IN the 4 Color Styles with every Person in every Area of Your Life! Color’s Language of Synergy will become a “go to” point of intervention, defusing emotional intensity, build up and melt downs quickly by bridging understanding throughout all of your day-to-day interactions. With Connecting with Colors System to decode how we connect via our neurological wiring, 20,000+ people across the United States have been empowered by their Color Style Strengths. Even more exciting is participants report being able to use the quick and easy techniques to improve any intense situation … and in most cases in 30 seconds or less!

Create Winning TEAM Synergy
Inte Great 4 personality styles working together to WIN!
We recognize there is no “I” in TEAM, however, COACHING with COLORS: TEAM Inte-Great recognizes that each individual has their own unique Pre-Dominant & Secondary color which is related to their personality and athletic style. When this is recognized and engaged as part of a game winning strategy, the result can make your school colors shine bright. The result? A most memorable and enjoyable season with a group of dynamic individuals who truly form a cohesive unit; that knows how to accomplish goals and take individual energy to build team synergy! Getting to the how to process of improving communication is a lifelong gain. By inte greating, you will become more in tune with a variety of gains. Coaching with Colors is an effective life-learning tool that goes beyond the locker room and practice sessions. It measures personality style and motivational style of each team and staff member.


MasterMinding 101: 12 ESSENTIALS for a Rich Life
“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force,
which may be likened to a third mind.“
– Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich
Do you have a fear of failure? What if you didn’t have to face things all alone? The human mind is a form of energy, a part of it being spiritual in nature. When the minds of two people are coordinated in a spirit of harmony and agreement, the spiritual units of energy of each mind form an affinity, which constitutes setting energy in motion toward a desired goal. Rather than rushing about and trying to force or reason things through, you will learn how to use the power of your vision, in combination with the agreement and SEEing power of another, to bring RICH IDEAS and RICH RESULTS to be orchestrated for you, quickly and easily. Fortunes are the result of Rich Ideas. Soul Fulfillment is being On Purpose.
Stay Married: Make More Love & Less Conflict
Do you believe it will take a miracle to save your marriage?
Well, understand this . . . “It’s not over . . . unless you decide it’s over!” There’s a part of you that intuitively knows your marriage wants to be restored. What you want, wants you! You are not crazy for still loving your spouse and wanting to reconcile. The still small voice in your mind and heart is your spirit guiding you to this information so you can learn how you’ve been communicating attitudinally that’s getting you want you don’t want and most importantly, how to change it – energetically – in an instant, to get more of what you do want! SM illustrates that the effects of love are maximal and natural in the presence of love. Our greatest power to heal our marriages is our power to think about it differently. Our greatest hope lies not in “over-powering” reactions but in our power to transform consciousness.


Make A Difference with the Power of Acknowledgment
Depression and Suicide Rates Are Rising Sharply in Young Americans

In 2006, Mary collaborated with Helice “Sparky” Bridges on making an online movie depicting a “thank you” story she’d received from a mother whose son did not commit suicide because of her Who I Am Makes A Difference blue ribbon ceremony, which she created in 1979 to eradicate bullying, end conflict, stop crime and violence, avert suicide, enhance self-worth. The original version of our movie was viewed over 3 million times on social media in its first 3 months.  By making acknowledgment your daily practice coupled with giving each person 3-4 “I Make a Difference” Wristbands to “pay-it-forward” you too can make an exponential difference in the lives of all those who you have the opportunity to touch.

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