The Science-Backed Strategy for Boosting Student Performance: Change Your Vibe


Welcome back to TurnAround Thursday’s 5-Week STRONG FINISH CHALLENGE, where we are all about finding the little hacks and tweaks that can make a big difference in our classrooms and homes.

It’s Week 2, and we’re diving into the first of three Energy Hacks and today’s is …

Change Your Vibe, See Your Students Thrive.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

Change our vibe?


But hear me out. This is the secret sauce, the game-changer, the golden ticket to unlocking your students’ potential. Trust me on this one.

As a former problem child, I know firsthand the power of a teacher’s vibe. I had three teachers who really made a difference for me, and the one thing they had in common was their energy towards me. They didn’t talk down to me or treat me differently, and there was no invisible energetic barrier between us. It was like they expected the best from me, and I rose to meet those expectations.

The Energetics of Expectation is real and it’s happening
whether you mean for it to be or not!

And science backs this up. Robert Rosenthal’s Pygmalion theory showed that the expectations of teachers can have a direct impact on their students’ performance. In a study conducted in 1963, students who were randomly assigned to teachers based on false information about their IQ scores ended up performing according to those expectations. The students who were thought to be high scorers performed at high levels, while those thought to be low scorers performed poorly.

So, changing your vibe isn’t just some woo-woo idea. It’s science, and it can make a real impact in your classroom. When you lean into problematic behaviors expectantly and energetically, you’re setting the stage for your students to thrive. It’s all about building a clear pathway to the desired results and goals that we want, rather than just pushing against the things we don’t want to see.

Now, I’m not saying it’s easy. It takes time and practice to shift your vibe, especially when you’re dealing with emotionally triggering behaviors. But the payoff is huge. When you create a non-judgmental airspace for your students to navigate their way, you’re giving them the space to co-regulate, self-regulate, and self-advocate.

And that’s when the magic happens!

So, let’s keep going with Week 2 of our Strong Finish Challenge.

Take a look at your vibe and the energy you bring into the classroom.

Are you coming at it with high expectations, non-judgmental support, and an open pathway to success?

Or are you inadvertently pushing against the very behaviors you want to change?

It’s a tough challenge, but I know you’re up to it.

Let’s change our vibe and watch our students thrive.



After watching this second video your 30-Second TurnAround is to …

First: bring back to mind the 1-3 students or adults you are having the most problem with that you started focusing in on last week.

Second: this time, bring to mind your attitude, vibe and tone you’ve been having about them.

Third:  now change it!

How do you do that?  Easy.  Simply put yourself in their shoes and wonder for just 30 seconds, “what” could be going on for them that … (fill in the blank!)

With that said, notice the shift in your energy.

Here’s to turning things around in just 30 seconds!

Join me in implementing this Energy Hack and witness the incredible transformation it brings to your life, classroom, and home.

Together, let’s create an environment where every student has the opportunity to thrive without resistance or disinterest.

See you next week for Week 3 of our STRONG FINISH CHALLENGE series!

Keep up the great work, and remember, your vibe can make all the difference.

Reaching out …

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PPS … Did you miss WEEK 1?  Watch it now … and if you have any questions during the training, just jot them down and go here to post them and I will respond.

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