The Road Map to a Strong Finish:

How I’m Helping Educational Leaders and Parents
Tackle Classroom Opportunities Like a Boss

Hey there, educational leaders and parents!  It’s Mary here, and I’m back with the FINAL installment of the STRONG FINISH CHALLENGE. We’re on Week 5, and this week I’m going to lay out my proposed ROAD MAP to finishing the school year on a high note.

Now, I know some of you might be thinking, “Mary, I didn’t sign up for Therapist 101 when I got into teaching. I just want to teach the way I want to teach (not TTT) and get on with my day.“ But fear not, my friends, because I’ve got just the solution for you.

After years of experience, I’ve got a program that is straight-up gold. This is for all you teachers, counselors, school psychologists, administrators, and parents who want to boost those test scores and handle classroom opportunities like a boss.

I get it, you might not think you have the time or patience for all this touchy-feely stuff, but trust me, this program is going to tackle all those issues head-on. It’s time to turn your classroom into a super-inclusive, welcoming place where students can thrive.

And did you know that when a team works together, they can reach genius level? It’s true! Even average folks can become geniuses when they’re part of a rock-solid team. This program is all about building that inclusive classroom and learning to listen and understand your students’ personalities, so you can get those positive results.

Go ahead and grab a cup of jo and find out …

– The big payoff for educational leaders and parents who want to boost test scores and handle classroom opportunities to create community like a boss.
– How to build an inclusive classroom and understand your students’ personalities to get positive results.
– The power of teamwork in reaching genius level and transforming your classroom into a super-inclusive, welcoming place.

Watch the whole story and start your journey to a strong finish!


Get ready to see mind-blowing results in your classroom
and win back time with this program.


Check in time.  I’d love to hear what’s been happening with the 1-3 people you’ve been working to reach and teach these past 5 weeks.  Write your success down.  Write your hits and misses down.  You can discover a lot when you put pen to paper.  Do an accountability check with yourself. 

Here’s your TurnAround:  DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.  I’ve given you three of my most coveted Energy Hacks over the past 5 weeks.  Use just one of them.  You can not fail at this.  You can only get a result.  If you don’t like the result you are getting, change it!  Change the Vibe, Change the Rules, Change the Label.

Just change one thing.

So, don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to level up your teaching game. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Grab my program and SAVE 50% TODAY and get ready to see some mind-blowing results in your classroom. Let’s do this!

Alright, everyone, let’s buckle down and ROAD MAP our way to a strong finish for the school year. I know you’ve got this in the bag. You’re all rockstars, and I can’t wait to see the amazing progress you make. Let’s accelerate learning and win back time together! Good luck!

Reaching out …

PS … Want to see the whole training again from start to finish? Then grab a cup of jo and go do my new free STRONG FINISH 2-Hour SPRINT instead.  You can discover a whole new approach to classroom management and academic success TODAY. Let’s make a real, lasting change together– so you can feel better, stronger and more energized within a couple of hours!

PPS … Did you miss WEEK 4?  Watch it now … and if you have any questions during the training, just jot them down and go here to post them and I will respond.

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