Want to Make a Real Impact?


Embrace Your Greatness and Watch the Magic Happen!


We’re halfway through the school year, and I know you’re doing all the right things to create a positive and inclusive classroom and home environment.

But sometimes it feels like no matter what you do, the results just aren’t coming together.

I get it, and I’m here to tell you that there’s a solution. And it’s not going to require you to work 80+ hours a week with no energy left for your life or your family.

So, what’s today’s 30 Second TurnAround?

It’s all about acknowledging greatness. And guess what?

The greatness I’m talking about is yours.

You see, as soon as you stand up straight, put your shoulders back, take a big deep breath and act like you know who you are, your energy improves. It literally takes 30 seconds or less to turn a funk into a “I’m gonna be OK today” mindset.

I know time management is a challenge for all of us, but here’s the secret: acknowledging greatness doesn’t require hours of dedicated effort.

It’s about those little, impactful moments when we acknowledge greatness in another person that can transform lives.

So, celebrate your victories, cherish the small moments and watch as your own energy soars high.

It will be the best 30-Second TurnAround you can give.

If you haven’t already, go watch my Reignite Your Light Lesson 1: Part 2 training on how you can help a group of people step more fully into greatness. Discover how you can make personal acknowledgment a driving force in your life and the lives of those you lead.

Together, let’s create a world where acknowledging greatness becomes a reflex and fuels us to reach new heights.

And remember, greatness is everyone’s innate gift. There is enough greatness in every single person. Replace envy with your own dreams, determination and action.

Let’s make it our business to create a work environment where successes are cheered and celebrated, and where every single individual knows the soothing fulfillment that feeling truly happy for others brings.

So, let’s join forces to create a world where acknowledging greatness in ourselves and each other is a reflex that fuels us all to reach new heights!

Experience the joy of personal acknowledgment firsthand and become a catalyst for change. Because when it comes down to it, the world needs more of your greatness. And it’s time to start owning it and spreading it around.

Here’s to acknowledging and celebrating greatness in yourself and those around you.

Here’s to turning things around in just 30 seconds.

Here’s to creating a world full of greatness.

Let’s do this!

Reaching out …

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