Getting to the Heart of the Matter


My whole business is about helping people get to the HEART of the matter
(i.e., Heart Productions & Publishing, LLC) succeed at their dreams, life and relationships …
especially if you’ve been through hell and back.


My mission is NOT to teach educators the finer points of teaching their subject area … that has never been my purpose in life.  My mission is to help people with a little idealism left in their hearts and minds that they can, in fact, make a positive difference in …

Every. Single. Student.

I want to change the world by helping people who have been through a tough time period or are currently going through a “dark night of the soul” experience.

I help educators, parents and administrative leaders just like you go from chaos to productivity by intentionally building a safe, all-inclusive community where students’ minds can relax to accelerate their individual learning power!

This is super important to me because I know what it’s like to be labeled a “problem” child. So many students today have really great creative minds going untapped because of life-limiting labels and the social-emotional discord that “name calling” ignites.

Unfortunately far too many of them have no clue how to come up over punitive discipline, adult judgment, bias, limitation, labels and any one of the 34 diagnosed acronyms (ADD/ADHD/OCD/SPC etc.) attached to them when they walk in the classroom each and every day.

You may spend a ton of time and energy coming “at” behavior with rules, threats, hurtful attitudes, vibes and tone, all to “teach them a lesson,” but then you watch them go right back out in the world and fail at decision making again.

It sucks. It’s scary. It makes you feel like “what’s the use.”

I know the THRILL of seeing students take charge of their lives and of changing lives (your students’ lives and the lives of your loved ones.) I know what it’s like to have massively successful school years. To wake up in the morning and see that you’ve made more of a positive difference than you could have ever dreamed, especially with the students no one wanted in their classrooms before you came along.

I’ve been on both sides of the coin (super low and super high) and I want to help as many people succeed as I can. There’s room for ALL of us!

The type of person I can help the most is someone who has the following characteristics:

1. You have a burning desire to succeed with every single student.

2. You’re willing to try something new in order to get a new result.

3. You are ready to STOP labeling today’s children, who are providing us with opportunities to be better humans, as “challenging” (“This is my ‘challenging’ child, Ashley… i.e., watch out!”) and START solving problematic and predictable behaviors systematically and collaboratively.

If you meet those basic criteria, I can definitely help you with my next level tools and training!

I help people in several different ways.

My Academic Success 101: Accelerate Learning in Every. Single. Student Online Course is the perfect starting place to begin again whether it’s September, January or April. Any 9-Weeks will do! The best way to create a space where students can excel is to spend 9 weeks teaching by example how to have a safe, all-inclusive classroom where IQ, EQ and SQ can accelerate. My training is a field-tested, proven system for turning classroom culture around so every single student will experience the joy of learning.

If you wanted to work with me personally 1:1, this is where you do it. 

PLUS, for a limited time only, I’ve just opened the doors to my 9-Week Proficiency Training with 8-10 Core Team Members.

I’ve spoken in person to over 20,000 people in a two-year period, and the number one comment I heard at the end of my programs was …

“Thank God for your training today Mary, now I know I’m not crazy!”

I came off the road to build my business with a series of books (currently 10) to help people feel better about themselves, because as I always say: People who feel better do better. I wanted to extend my reach to make a positive difference.

When the economy changed, I wanted to do more to help leaders like me, also reach more people. So I started writing DIY energy influencing online courses (currently 10) that any person can step up and take charge of for themselves and/or with others as with my Academic Success 101: Accelerate Learning in Every. Single. Student Online Course.

I believe in applying the entrepreneurial mindset: If it is to be, it is up to me.

But don’t just do it for yourself. Do it with and for others in your work and home life. If you can give directions to a room of people, you can bring any one of my online courses to your colleagues and do it together.

No matter where you need help, I can get you the help, education, and knowledge you need to take a hold of the success power that is already in you and create a life you love! I know it sounds cheesy. But tapping into your Success Gene, so you can experience the Power of Purpose, remedies a ton of past hurts and burnout.

It’s just 9-weeks until standardized testing begins.
Imagine being the adult in the room whose kids knock it out of the ballpark!  

What’s the BEST that can happen before the end of the school year?  Here’s what happened for Roger in the 9-weeks that his teacher, Annabelle, was taking my course.



This week’s 30-Second TurnAround is this …

The next time someone does something egregious, instead of being quick to correct them and let them know just how big, bad and wrong what they’ve done is, be more interested in the HEART of the problem they are struggling with.  Be curious.  Instead of asking, “WHY did you do that egregious thing?” ask “WHAT was going on for you that you did what you did just now – said what you said – I genuinely want to know.

PULL that ATTITUDINAL VIBE OF YOURS BACK IN that you are wanting to launch directly at their spirit … lean in and wait to see what they get in touch with.  If they don’t know, simply tell them that you care, that it matters and you’ll revisit this with them by the end of the day. For now, let’s go forward.

How long did that take?

That’s right.   30 Seconds that could seriously make a difference in someone’s life today!

I’d love to hear from you about this. Do you have any questions about how I could help you… or if I can help you?  Maybe you’re still concerned that what I do won’t apply to you or your situation?  If so, let me know. I’d love to make sure we’re a good fit to help you move forward with us for the long haul!

Click here and let me know and let me know your thoughts…

Reaching out …

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