Discover the Quirky Metaphysical Principles That Saved Me from Burnout

Continued from last week …

After making the major move to Portland, OR, as a single mother of a two-year-old, during my burnout “What the hell have I done” phase, I decided to take myself out to a neighborhood bar to dance one Saturday night where out-of-the-blue, I was befriended by a multi-millionaire.

As a young woman, the only way I knew to become financially free was to marry someone wealthy. But Ralph wasn’t interested in me in that way, nor I him.

When I met Ralph, I was in a real financial pickle. Not one of my five job interviews had gotten me a school counseling or teaching job. I was blowing through my savings. I was burnt out from five years of deep, profound personal loss, starting with the loss of my first-born child during labor, and eventually my marriage.

Thankfully, Ralph was very compassionate with me, but he knew that the only way for me to create my own financial freedom was to learn to “think” differently about money. So even though I had very little money left, and as a single mother I was scared out of my mind, he held firm and insisted that I take back control of the wheel and drive, drive, drive.

When someone helps you realize something is possible,
it unlocks something inside of you that allows you to actually make it happen.

Because he cared enough about my long-term well-being, he did not offer to give me any money! He did, however, sit with me week after week and help me “think” differently about just how hard I believed my career had to be, given the additional hours every educator is required to put in.

From Burnout to Breakthrough!

He taught me 3 very basic metaphysical principles that he had used to become a multi-millionaire, and that he wanted me to grab a hold of and succeed with:

1. Look myself in the mirror every morning and tell myself… “You are a Success!” (became title of my first book)
2. Only do “what is in front of me to do,” and …
3. Utilize nature’s “less effort, more results” model of applying my gifts and talents to designing my dream and the next chapter of my life’s work.

You’ve just got to get yourself up and going again, and you do that by looking in the mirror each morning and telling yourself that “You are a Success!”

When Ralph told me to tell myself that I was a success, when I felt like such a failure at the core of my being, I thought it was ridiculous. But because he insisted that I try it, I did.

I’d been dragging myself out of bed every single morning in what I like to refer to as a total “downward dog funk!”

Then one morning as I was brushing my teeth, I remembered what Ralph had coached me to do, and I decided to try it.

So I looked in the mirror and told myself that I was a success, repeatedly. I was surprised that I felt a little better.

And as weird as it felt doing it, I did it every morning that first week, and low and behold, within a few days I was feeling better.

It’s a funny thing about people who feel better … they do better! And that’s exactly what I did. I started to do better mentally and emotionally and it wasn’t too long after that I tapped into my life’s purpose when my educational consultant friend asked me …

“What is it that you are great at, Mary?”

Within just 30 seconds the burnout I’d been feeling lifted completely, and I felt focused and on purpose maybe for the first time in my life.  I don’t remember ever having felt so clear about the difference I knew I could be making helping educators and parents feel better and do better with kids by writing programs about healing today’s children and ourselves.

Ralph was the very first person in my life to give me permission to utilize my Success Power to create a life I loved living.

They both showed me how to OWN my inherent success factor instead of hiding it for fear of the skeptical “eye rolls” or the “crickets” I might get because I “made magic” that completely turned around emotionally and behaviorally unskillful kids and adults!

But that’s a story for another day…

Today’s 30 Second TurnAround is grab a mirror, look into your eyes and please know …

There’s nothing wrong with you.
You’ve got Success Power in your DNA.
You ARE enough.
You have everything within you to be, do, have what you are here to become.

So, get this – in a matter of months of shifting my mindset, I went from writing my first proposal to teach my new course for continuing education credits at Portland State University to landing a gig as a drug counselor in a high school nearby.  Talk about a whirlwind!

Not only did I pay off all my debt, but I also taught my first continuing education night class and then got offered an elementary counseling job in a swanky neighborhood.

But that’s not all – on my first day, I found out I could rent a house just two blocks away! They only wanted to rent it to a teacher. Can you believe it?

And that, my friends, is just the beginning of my incredible burnout to breakthrough adventure of the past 40 years!

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Reaching out …

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