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That by reminding yourself at the start of every day that “You Are A Success!” makes it so you will never again think of yourself, or anything that has not worked out yet, as anything less than an opportunity for growth and mastery! 

How you can, and must, make it your business to break any cycle of failure which enables you to turn any intense situation around in your life painlessly. 

Why its imperative that you make a decision to thrive not just survive this time period in your life so you’re able to turn your pain into your purpose so you can get back out there and help someone else. 

That just because life has been intense and challenging to navigate skillfully doesn’t mean YOU must collapse into powerlessness.

Why nothing is anything until you call it; so, call it a success! Embrace and lean into whatever is happening and become the victor not the victim of the success that is just on the other side of what may currently seem like failure. 

Why telling yourself that “You Are A Success!” frees you from old ideas and preconceived notions that no longer serve you. It helps you see yourself with new eyes that open you up to extraordinary insights, new perspectives full of promise and potential. You will once again feel as though anything is possible. And so it will be. 

How Mary’s 61 Proven Success Strategies will simplify your life so you can breathe, relax and focus upon whatever is in front of you to be, do and have right here, right now.

. .. and much, MUCH More!

Reignite Your Light, Your Life, Your Dreams

Use these 61 Proven Strategies to find your soul-fulfilling purpose again, rediscover the JOY of going to work everyday, and even learn how to financially prosper by aligning yourself with your gifts and talents!

Discover how taking just one simple strategy at a time biologically forges new neurological pathways that will help you in re-igniting your light … and your life!

I’ll even unwrap how success is already in your DNA and your only job, not matter what is going on in your life, is to sit up straight, put your shoulders back, take a big breath and OWN IT Baby!!

Better yet, this amazing book will also show you how to embrace each day happy, healthy, invigorated, purposeful and ready to rock and roll from this day forward.

Feel like a failure?  Brokenhearted?  Addicted to someone or something?  Burned out?  Overwhelmed?

It’s time to begin again!

Why I wrote this book ...

In 1984, I lost my first child at birth. Three months after that I had a miscarriage. A year later, I had a high-risk pregnancy and premature birth. A year after our son was born, I divorced my husband. Another year after that, I moved to a new state, and when all of my job prospects and interviews fell through, I found myself as an unemployed single mother of a two-year-old. I was emotionally and physically burned out and literally living on pennies, alone in a huge new city where I knew no one.

My life hurt so much, I felt like someone was running their fingernails down a chalkboard of my soul.

I had worked hard to do everything the “right” way. I had finished college before getting married like my parents wanted. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Education, taught several Elementary grade levels, and then went on to earn a K‑12 Remedial Reading Endorsement and a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology, K‑12 Counseling & Development.

I was an excellent, no, an outstanding teacher, and all my students loved me and had exceptional academic success with me. Yet, I had failed big in my personal life and had minimal energy reserves left.

And now, here I was. With the precious exception of my wonderful son, I had somehow managed to get everything in my life that I did not want!

Then something miraculous happened. Serendipity smiled on me, and I met a man named Ralph, who taught me the three profoundly simple yet meaningful metaphysical principles he had used to become a multi-millionaire. He wanted me to apply them to my daily life so I could recover quickly from the complete and total burnout I was now in:

1. Look myself in the mirror every morning and tell myself, “You are a Success!” (which is where the title of this book came from) …

2. Only “do what is in front of me to do,” and …

3. Apply nature’s “less effort, more results” model of utilizing my gifts and talents to design the next chapter of my life’s work, so that I prosper abundantly.

I explained to Ralph that I wasn’t doing anything successfully any more and he told me to say “You Are A Success!” for every little thing I did for three days straight and then see where I took it from there.  If I brushed my teeth, say to myself that “You Are A Success!”  If I prepared a meal, tell myself, “You Are A Success!”  He told me to acknowledge every little thing with “You Are A Success!”  No more and no less.

As weird as it felt saying “You are a Success!” I did it every single time I accomplished any task without fail, and lo and behold, within a few days I was feeling better. 

It’s a funny thing about people who feel better … they do better! And that’s exactly what I did. I started to feel better and better mentally, emotionally and physically.  It wasn’t long before I came off the antidepressants.

What I discovered as I began the journey of reigniting the light within me was that:

LIFE WAS DEMANDING that I BE more, not expend more.

LIFE WAS DEMANDING that I take it upon myself to learn empowering skills to deal with every aspect of my life much more effectively, so I could simply be the success I was inherently designed to be.

It wasn’t long before I tapped into my soul-fulfilling life’s purpose to write programs about healing today’s children and ourselves.  It’s what I’ve been happily doing ever since.  

Reignite the light and the success that is inherent in you! It is yours to reclaim in the pages of this book.

And please know … YOU ARE A SUCCESS!

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Reignite Your Light One Simple Strategy At A Time!