Unlock the Hidden Power of your Thoughts


Explore the mind-blowing research
on the influence of thoughts and energy on behavior.


Have explosive situations leave you feeling drained and frustrated?  Do you want to improve your ability to handle these moments without losing your cool?

Did you know your thoughts and energy can impact the world around you?

Let’s turn things around on this Turnaround Thursday and dive into the fascinating world of Energetics.



Let’s review:

Starting with the mind-blowing experiment conducted at the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Researchers connected a woman, subject A, to a polygraph machine and placed another woman, subject B, in a separate room. Subject B was instructed to think either happy or upsetting thoughts and record the precise timing of each thought.

The results?

A staggering 90 to 95% correlation between subject B’s thoughts and subject A’s physiological responses, as measured by the polygraph.


In other words, thoughts have the power to influence
the body’s stress levels and emotional state.


But we’re not stopping there.

Ever heard of the IKEA bully plant experiment?

Yes, you read that right. IKEA conducted an experiment to raise awareness about bullying by subjecting two Dracaena plants to compliments and negative words spoken by children.

After 30 days, the bullied plant showed signs of wilting, while the complimented plant thrived.

And before you scoff at the idea, this phenomenon has been studied for decades and even plants have been shown to react to stimuli on a polygraph machine.

So what does all of this mean for you?

Well, it’s time to own the fact that your thoughts and energy have a significant impact on the world around you.



Whether you’re dealing with struggling students, problematic behaviors, or stressful situations, your thoughts and emotions are felt, seen, heard, and sensed by those around you.

Think of it as a ripple effect.

However, as you exude peace and non-judgment, it spreads to those around you.

When you’re stressed and agitated, it’s felt by others as well.

The next time you find yourself in a tough situation, take a deep breath, check your thoughts, and remember the power of non-judgmental energy to soothe and dissipate upsets.

And hey, it’s not just a bunch of woo-woo talk even though I like some woo-woo in my life from time to time. There’s science and research backing up the connection between thoughts, emotions, and the world around us.

It’s time that we all embrace this knowledge and use it to create a more harmonious and peaceful environment for everyone.

So, parents, teachers, administrators, and practitioners, let’s harness the power of Energetics and turn those explosive situations into opportunities for growth and positive change.

After all, with a little bit of awareness and intention, anything is possible.


You have everything to gain energetically speaking
and absolutely nothing to lose!


Here’s this week’s TurnAround:  Stop-Look-Listen.  What ARE YOU thinking? 

Turn the next Fault-Finding-Mission into a FACT -Finding-Mission instead!  What you are thinking is the story that you keep running. 

I heard from a teacher the other day who is taking early retirement because she’s done trying to work with rich, entitled kids. 

There’s a story in there that’s having a huge impact on how her communication is going with “certain” kids.   It’s even gotten violent for her. 

I call this a “clue” that needs to be followed and figured out.  No Judgment, just look for the facts Jack!  Whatever the story is will be what the VIBE is that is right smack dab in the middle of every interaction they keep having.



F – Find facts:  The first step in turning around explosive behaviors is to find the actual facts of the situation by focusing on the energetic and emotional cause of the behavior.  Ask “what” not “why” questions to get to the heart of the problem.

A – Acknowledge thoughts:  By paying attention to the attitudinal energy, vibes, and tone as the emotional triggers and underlying factors, teachers, parents, administrators, and practitioners can better understand the behavior and dissipate energetic triggers before, during and/or after an upset.

C – Collaborate on solutions:  Once the triggers are identified, it is important to acknowledge the thoughts and feelings that are fueling the explosive behavior. Providing a safe and empathetic, non-judgmental space for the individual to express themselves can lead to a better understanding of the behavior and help in finding constructive solutions.  

T – Team up:  Role-play effective RESET skills to meet needs which can help individuals learn how to regulate their thoughts and feelings and identifying energetic triggers in ways that will get them heard. How, exactly, to speak truth to power. 

By providing an understanding of how energetics come into play teachers, parents, administrators, and practitioners can empower individuals to quickly resolve and dissolve unproductive behaviors.

Acknowledge the FACT: Energetics Fuel Explosive Behaviors

Compassionate investigative communication is key in resolving and dissolving emotionally triggering incoming energy.  Judgment free conversations with the individual, as well as with others involved, can lead to a collaborative approach in addressing the behavior and creating an energetically welcoming, supportive environment.

It’s time to harness the power of Energetics!

Reaching out …

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