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Make A Difference with the Power of Connection

If you’re going to get children to do as you’ve asked, when you’ve asked, it’s not going to happen by accident.

You must connect energetically first.

In Make A Difference with the Power of Connection, I’ll show you how to connect without so much resistance, so you can stay calm, let go of the stress and enjoy how children thrive.

What others are saying …

Kelly Harris, a PTA Parent said it best …

“I just watched your Make A Difference with the Power of Connection movie.  Wow!  I had so many light bulb moments as I was watching it. I am a 45-year-old mom of two girls. My oldest daughter is 16, and I can see where I have not been connecting with her and can hardly wait for her to come home from her band camp to start connecting. My baby is just 18 months old, and I can see where I have already started the same sad way of reacting to things. But now I am certain I can change that too. It would be my wish that my school’s Administration would provide your book for every single person on the faculty and staff. Thank You!”

Vern Kennedy, an Education Consultant and Trainer writes …

“When I viewed your movie about the Power of Connection, it brought tears to my eyes. Our Superintendent believes in educating the whole child and has been a very innovative leader since she arrived. Each year, she assigns to leadership, reading material that is designed to clearly set the tone for positive change.

I was very impressed with the critical elements you captured in the movie and its companion book to specifically assist teachers and parents in succeeding with ALL children, regardless of the situation. I wish every person entering the teaching profession were able to read it – able and required to read it!

It’s a book for ALL people. Wonderful bit of writing. I repeat! I shall read it again many times. I especially enjoyed the story about Randy – and haven’t we all had a Randy in our classrooms? Bless you for changing the lives of so many kids like this.”

Compassionate connection goes a long way toward dissolving barriers built up by unconscious bias energetically coming through to others as attitudes, vibes and tones in every conceivable situation.






Compassionate connection goes a long way toward dissolving barriers created by disdain, judgment, unconscious bias, attitudinal vibes and tones in every conceivable situation.

Keep this book handy, so you can pick it up and remember what a significant difference you make the second you decide to connect with compassion.

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In less than 30 seconds, you can change a life for the better
by connecting with Compassionate Attention.
This soothing, conversational book reminds us just how
important a shift in perception can be in changing a child’s
life and making a life-affirming difference.

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