[MasterMinding Monday] Seeing is Believing!?

Dear MasterMinder,

Do you visualize “how you’d prefer that your life be” on a daily basis?  What’s that?  You say you can’t visualize?

Let’s take a few moments today to investigate something uncomfortable that’s going on in your life right now that you would like to be able to believe could be different.

Seeing is Believing or is Believing Seeing?
Excerpt from MasterMinding 101: Know What You Want & Get It Online Course 

So the expression, “seeing is believing,” physiologically speaking, means more than what it initially represents. Initially you think that when you “see” it you will “believe it” but the most important level to this is “seeing in your minds eye” first and then believe it possible with all your mind, heart and spirit!


If you don’t have a notion for it, if you don’t have an idea that something may exist; if you don’t have a concept or a belief, then your nervous system won’t even allow what you’re looking at to get inside your mind.  There is no neurological pathway to it.  You can make one, but that requires a conscious desire, which comes in the form of a feeling and then a deliberate concentrated decision.  This decision is your effort, and it becomes the force that pushes open a new pathway. 

Most people can take in less than one billionth of all the stimuli that are available to them.  So, which ones get in?  What gets in are the ones that reinforce what they think exists out there.  If they don’t believe it exists out there, their nervous system will edit it out, and it brings in everything that, at a deep level of awareness, they believe exists.


So what is reality?  What is realistic?  The reality is that infinite possibilities all coexist at the same time, and we take the range of infinite possibilities, and we structure a certain perceptual reality.  What we consider possible is merely a reflection of our premature cognitive commitments.  We are committed to a particular reality.

MasterMinding with others gives us the connection to the power that will transpose what we have only been able to see as one possible reality into a preferred reality.

Seeing Your Way Through

This is a time-tested adage, and yet we give in to visualizing worst-case scenarios, scaring ourselves silly and literally making our circumstances more problematic and probably more frightening than they need be.

Many of us have a learned expectation to make things worse than they may need to be.  We do this by focusing our attention, and the momentum it will build, toward what can go wrong.  And the interesting thing is, the key to finding new solutions is completely dependent on where you decide to direct and focus your attention.  This means you must be willing to tune into your precognitive commitments — habitual thinking — and no longer allow what’s been your reality to render you powerless for one more second.

Think back to the last time you were driving along and there was a major back up due to an accident.  The traffic jam was not because of the accident, but because of rubbernecking: people slowing down to a snail’s pace while driving by trying to see and take in all of the gory details of the accident.

What do you do when you come upon the accident scene?  Do you keep your focus on the road and deny the negative into your experience, or do you reach your seeing capability out as far as you can to take in as much of the negative as possible in a few short seconds?

I remember my first car accident, We had a snowstorm at the end of March and early April. That’s New England weather for you. Having gone through many winter storms over the years, this particular one wasn’t out of the ordinary. It dumped snow and rain, so I took the usual precautions of driving slowly and cautiously. However, the road condition was apparently more treacherous than it looked. It was slick, slushy and slippery.

My drive was fine until I went down a stretch of downhill road. It all happened in seconds, but my car skidded and the vehicle kept veering to the right. I am not sure if stepping on the brakes helped or worsened the situation. I steered left but it was not enough to avoid the fire hydrant on the side of the road, sadly there was someone on the way. Not only did I hit it, I knocked the whole thing out of its base, and the person also got hit, he even had to contact a traumatic brain injury attorney to help him out with his outcome. The collision scraped off my car metal crumbling it against my front right tire, which slowed the vehicle before my car hit a curb and come to a complete stop. Since I was not going fast, the airbags did not deploy.

We are so addicted to giving dramatic, celebrity status to the problematic situations, people and events of life that we allow ourselves to be lured into focusing on what we don’t want.

It is so seductive!  It seduces our entire attention if we allow it.

Next time this happens make a mindful decision to your eyes focused on the road ahead.  It’s perfectly beneficial to all to simply saying a prayer of healing grace and blessings for any situation you see in your peripheral vision.


        This also happens to be exactly how we approach problematic areas in our life.  Whether it’s money, love, lack of support or health, the seduction of the negative can win, and most often does win our attention, if we don’t practice some consistency with our mindfulness.

Where we choose to look is “our” choice.  No one is forcing us, and even if they are trying to seduce us, we still have the power of mind to look beyond the problem toward the solution that we seek, or would prefer.

Seeing your way through means looking right past the problem to the desired outcome.  Using your vision to carve out a new path to traverse.  Let me give you a visual example.

goose with blue bow

Visualize a big white goose in a glass bottle.  Now see a big blue bow on the goose.  Notice that there is a cork plugging the hole in the bottle so the goose can not get out.

Now, visualize getting the goose out.

How did you get the goose out?

The same way you got him in!

With your vision.

Visioning: seeing your way through is the answer to the solutions you seek.

This simple visualization wasn’t a hard thing, and it didn’t really take any effort to obtain.

That’s the point.  You didn’t think about how, you just did it because you were given a directive that implied that it obviously could be done. So you just did it, without a lot of effort or strenuous thought.

We make our lives more difficult than they need to be because we have been taught to perceive things as if they have to be hard, difficult, arduous and painstaking.


Because somebody somewhere said so.  That’s why.  Interesting enough, that’s the only reason why to any and all of our current beliefs and decisions.

What you allow yourself to focus on IS the thinking technology that will shift what you automatically currently expect to what you’d like to experience more of instead.

You can shorten your learning curve on the thoughts you’ve been thinking and nourishing daily, by simply MasterMinding on a weekly basis and let things unfold in an easy relaxed manner, in healthy positive ways through this wonderful process that is accumulative in it’s impact on your life.

Here’s to your richest life imaginable and beyond!

Let’s MasterMind! 
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