[MasterMinding Monday] Asking for Money

Dear MasterMinder,

What will you do when someone in your MasterMind group asks to receive millions of dollars?

I ask to win the $30,000,000 lotto!

Now, this request most likely just pushed on your reality button didn’t it?  Well of course it did.  Because we all have a judgment about just how possible winning the lotto really is.


Getting Your Mind Around Asking for Money
Excerpt from MasterMinding 101: Know What You Want & Get It Online Course

I recently had a woman call me regarding her MasterMind group saying that they had just lost a partner, Louise, because she kept asking to win the lotto.  I asked her what she thought about Louise’s request.  She said that she, and the group, thought Louise was unrealistic and that it wasn’t good for her to make that kind of request.  And then she went on to say that God would not grant a request like this.  To which I asked, “Why wouldn’t God give Louise this request?”  She answered by saying that God doesn’t just give you money!

I said, “Why would God not want us to have money?”

She said,  “Because God’s not going to fulfill a request for the lotto or for gambling to win the lotto.

I said, “Why not?”

She said, “Because everybody knows gambling is bad.  Gambling makes people lose their families income and vast fortunes.”

To which I replied, “Gambling in and of itself doesn’t ‘make’ anybody do anything.”I explained my belief that gambling like poker 99 online represents the game of life, all of life’s desires, hopes and dreams. Winning, like drugs, food, alcohol, anything that brings a feeling of peace and love, is like connecting with God, especially for those people who cannot find a way to believe in God, let alone connect with God.  They still want and search for the feeling of God.  An abundance of money, love, radiant health, all feel like God.  Why?  Because it feels good. God feels good.  Connecting feels good.  What’s wrong with feeling good?

Well, that’s exactly the question at hand, now isn’t it?

Any and all addictions are merely the absence of the God connection.

I asked her why Louise wanted that much money, and she said that Louise said she wanted it so she could go away and be reclusive, and that the group saw being reclusive was a very unhealthy thing for Louise to want to do.

Unhealthy?  Not a valid desire or request?  Not responsible?  Not capable of knowing what’s best for oneself?

Who are we to judge?  Who are we to say that being reclusive is “unhealthy”?


There we go again, acting like the authoritarian we believe God to be.

My reply was not what she really expected: Personally, from time to time, I happen to find being reclusive very healthy and restorative for me.  I think she wanted me to confirm that she and her group were “right” about not getting behind Louise’s request.  Instead of supporting her limited view about God and about Louise wanting to win money because she needed and wanted time off to restore herself, I suggested to her that it actually was a very good thing that Louise left their group, because the group clearly was not interested in supporting this woman’s desire.

It’s a truly empowered move to leave a MasterMind group and begin again if those you are working with simply have no real interest in supporting you.  They may be more committed to judging you and  knowing-it-all, than they are interested in finding out why what you want is so important to you and putting their heartfelt support toward your goals.

Heavy-Work-by-Zugel-von-Heinrich (1)

Be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers,
for what communion hath light with darkness?

It is arrogant to try to talk someone out of what they want.  And if you can’t pull that judgmental attitude of yours back in long enough to ponder what is really wanted here, then you will not receive unconditional support when you need it.

Besides, the real issue here is that we don’t believe God will give us just anything we want. But to say that God will never give you money, just because you’ve asked or you need it to take care of yourself or get this one: have some fun, completely dismisses the point of a loving father whose only desire is to love you and give you what you ask for in the best and highest form of that request.


I have friend in southern Oregon, with whom I visit by phone three or four times a year.  She’s been consistent about MasterMinding with me that she wants to win 30 million dollars.  As her MasterMinding partner, I ask her to talk about what 30 million dollars will bring to enhance her life.  Financial freedom!  She describes it in more and more detail each time.  She has the same hopes and dreams that I do.  It’s really pretty simple stuff, and so, again, I am aligned with her vision, and now I’m wondering if I should make the same request for myself and go out and buy a lotto ticket!

Now there’s a concept!  You can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket.

The point here is two-fold: first is that, for me to be powerful for her, which is what I would want her to be for me, I must lay down all of my prejudices and fear about her being delusional!  What I fully understand is that she wants financial freedom, wants to do things for her kids and grandkids, wants to travel and wants to relax and not have to work the unfulfilling job she’s presently in.  I deliberately and mindfully choose to see for her whatever she wants without reservation.

I am also seeing that she will want to give me some of it!  Hey, I can see whatever I want, why not add a sidebar to it!  I’m just having some fun here, okay!?

Who’s to say that winning the lotto is not realistic when it becomes a reality to those who dare to want it more than the rest who piddle around with the notion.  That’s why somebody wins.


I happen to know a person who did in fact win a $3M lotto.  It happens.  Did she really want it?  Well, yes she did.  And therein lies the rub.  She clearly wanted it more and felt the feeling of it more than the others who stood in line to play.  We don’t like that, because it begins to appear that we are at fault somehow.  It’s not about fault, it’s about how you choose to play.  Are you really giving yourself, your mind, your heart and your soul, to what you say you really want?

The lotto, in God’s Divine Design is brought to you a variety of ways … like through Rich Ideas which of course, you must act on in Faith!

Here’s to your richest life imaginable and beyond!

Let’s MasterMind! 
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