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Dear MasterMinder,

You’ve heard the saying, “Don’t stop 5 seconds before the miracle?”  Well today, I’m going to pose the possibility of what Giving It Up can do for you so you can let it go to God and relax long enough to open your mind to be able to see the solutions you’ve been seeking.

The Answer to the Question is Within Your View
Excerpt from MasterMinding 101: Know What You Want & Get It Online Course 


We often make things much more difficult than they need to be.  As with not being able to see your car keys, the creative answers we seek are truly within our sights and very often, right smack in front of us, if only we could “see” them.

When we are in mental and emotional states of powerlessness, and we are making statements like, “I don’t know what to do.  This is impossible.  I might as well just accept the facts,” then we literally cannot see the answers that are right in front of us.

How many times, for example, have you had something break and put it aside for later, because you thought it would cost too much to get it fixed, only to find out that later, when you did finally pick up the phone to inquire about what it would cost, the fees were minimal.

When we collapse like this, we are simply locked into fear and lack, giving our power away to the circumstance.  We’re not using our own innate power and ability to find creative solutions to what appear to be debilitating problems.

While we cannot always change what happens in our lives, we can open up our mind’s capacity to see and, through the power and mind energy that the MasterMind gives us, tap into the infinite possibilities that can change our experience of any event.

We can experience immediate and instantaneous results in a MasterMind session, as well as continuously throughout the week that follows, simply through the act of asking our partners to help us choose to focus our attention on the greater possibility, by turning our mental attention and fussing away from the lesser, by giving us “their” vision and energy.

Give It Up!


Do you remember the last time you had tried really hard to get something to happen, and you became totally exasperated and threw your hands up in the air and said, “I give up!”  Perhaps you flounced down on the bed and cried.  Maybe you lay down on the couch to watch TV, went fishing with the best bass fishing reel or golfing, or maybe you just took a nap.  Do you remember what happened when you just gave it up?

You let go of it.  When we truly let go of something, we are sending it upstairs to the creative mechanism of our minds.  Now that we’ve let go of our strong hold on it — the strong hold being that we are continuing to try harder at what’s not working — the mind can start searching through its database to see what it might have stored away for creative endeavors such as this.  Our heart keeps the desire ever so lightly lit, so as to not strangle the mind’s need for us to release, relax and let go!

So within 24, 48, or 72 hours, some new idea will come in.  Or, if it really isn’t for our greatest good, we will more easily be able to move in a new direction because we gave it up!  You’ve just interrupted habitual thinking.


        Now, in MasterMinding, it needs to be understood that you are actually giving up your control of this, surrendering it to your partner to hold for you, energetically.  I assure you that their grip and their need to control this is pretty much a non-issue in comparison to how you’ve been trying to strangle this goal to death!

We are coming to understanding the inherent power awaiting our use within the creative mechanisms of each of our minds.  Once the old habits of our mind have been interrupted, we can begin to re-learn and re-wire ourselves to open up more fully to receive and utilize our creative power.  We can look out into a world of possibilities not seen before with a new objective.  By focusing our intention, we will literally set energy in motion and not only bring creative solutions, but also actualize the desired result.


In MasterMinding we are learning to become very rigorous about visualizing the future we want to create.  We are paying attention to what we once thought and believed, and to what we have been seeing pervious to this day.  And we are simply and easily learning to look beyond the appearance of difficulty.

We are learning to deliberately, mindfully and decisively look past the appearance of false evidence appearing real.  We are looking past what we have previously determined is “realistic” and what we have to learn how to “accept,” because we have been taught to believe we literally have no power to affect, impact or change our unhappy situations.

MasterMinding is about a deliberate act to decide to see something differently and preferably, easily!  We embrace our innate power to visualize a way out or through, by deciding to spend some time seeing another end result rather than over-efforting or trying to control it into existence.

Here’s to your richest life imaginable and beyond!

Let’s MasterMind! 
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