Mary, at a standstill with your income or business?


Hi Mary,

Let me guess, you work really hard trying to grow your business or move up in your career, but feel like you’ve plateaued. To support you on your business financially just visit this blog and they will help you to achieve it. I like to help people bust plateaus. You may consider the software alternative for basecamp in your business to manage customized reports, to do time-tracking, and to focus on the hierarchy of projects. I bet you are often asking yourself – why aren’t I making the money I want? How come I’m not making more? Find here. Maybe you are asking yourself….

Are my beliefs or mind set holding me back?
Am I asking for the sale or afraid to ask for the sale?
Am I charging enough for my services or charging what I think people will pay?
Am I marketing my business enough by using the indexsy seo services or are you hiding behind your computer?
Do I have all the tools I need to grow my business?
Am I clear on my goals and priorities?
Do I have a concrete plan of action?

These are great questions and I have a quick and affordable way to gain clarity, and create a plan to grow your business TODAY, THIS SUMMER! Don’t make the mistake of waiting until September like some business owners do. Summer is fun, but it’s also the perfect time to kick start your business into high gear!

Join me on…

(Only Accepting 10 members)

                      Week 1 – July 8:   Emailed Lesson & Kick Start Assignment
                      Week 2 – July 14: Group Call (Lesson) & Homework  
                      Week 3 – July 21: Group Call (Lesson) & Homework
                                             *with Q & A  time
                      Week 4 – July 28: Personal 1:1 Money Making Strategy
                                             Session with Karen
                      *group calls are taped and replays sent out as well!
A small investment with a BIG gain! Kick start your summer, grow your business, and don’t forget to start getting the best accounting solutions to manage your business finances, it’s your time to shine, even if you don’t have the funds, using an online loan is a perfect way to start, and there are some great services out there that offer this commodity. Don’t wait until September!

If you have any questions email us at

Big Love,

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