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Dear Difference Maker,

Did you know that more people die on Monday mornings than any other day of the week.  Seriously, we all need to lighten up!

Research done by Lee Berk, a medical researcher in humor and laughter, shows that a good-natured or mirthful laugh can:

  • Increase the immune system’s activity.
  • Cut NyQuil and Airborne right out of your monthly budget.
  • Decrease stress hormones, which constrict blood vessels and suppress immune activity. Stress, constrict, and suppress… all bad words, gone.

So there ya go!  Please take a few minutes to enjoy today’s movie and if you know someone who needs to lighten up … go ahead and pass it on!  Make it a GREAT day!

A daily short pause for the cause is a time-efficient and effective way to gain back your inner peace.
The benefits are greater than you may expect. Do yourself a favor today …

… grab a cup of jo and enJoy today’s video

Reaching out …

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