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Dear Difference Maker,

During this time of year, it’s nice to be able to take a few moments to sit back, relax and reflect on the meaning of this Holy season.

I wanted to reach out and share our A Silent Night movie with you that I was deeply inspired to write and then produced with my husband, Craig several years ago.

This movie’s invitation is for you to take a few minutes to slow down the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season to drink in the message that represents the true spirit of the holidays … the Peace that comes through A Silent Night.

So on this day, I encourage you to grab cup of coffee or tea, and ‘take 5’ to renew yourself.

Click here to watch.


In writing this, it was my intention to invite us all think expansively and have our souls stirred in the ways of peaceful understanding.  I hope you will enjoy that I’ve joined my interpretive poetry from one of my most favorite Christmas songs with the eloquent and soothing musical artistry of pianist, Dana Cunningham.

Over the years we’ve received many letters like this one that we appreciate so very much…

“Mary I love this and i play it all year long.” – John Bailey

“It is Christmas morning, quiet and peaceful in my house. My husband has to work today and the dogs and I are alone. I watched this movie for the first time just now. Thank you.

“As I watched and read the words they opened my heart to the words of the song Silent Night. As most of us have, I love to sing this carol often …but now my heart is open to the true meaning behind the words.  

“I am amazed how often God puts his love in front of me to see.

“I enjoy your Make a Difference website and many times I think you are in my mind sending me a message God wants me to see. Thank you for all the work you do to help us all.  Merry Christmas!” -Diane Johnson


My Prayer for You This Christmas
by James Dillet Freeman excerpted from Unity’s Daily Word

Christmas is, first of all, the Christmas story. Christmas is the birth of Christ. The birth of Christ is the birth of humanity’s best dream and highest hope.  It is the birth of God in humanity.  Take time this Christmas to read the story again.

Because there was no room at the inn, God was born in a stable.  There Mary the Mother bent over the manger, watching her Baby asleep in the hay. The beasts in the stalls — were they wiser than humankind?  — knelt down, says the legend, and worshiped the Lord Jesus.

Shepherds came from the files roundabout.  They left their flocks and lambs to tend the Lamb of God.  Wise Men came from lands far away.  They followed the brightest star that has ever shone in earth’s night.


Angels sang in the skies by the stable, though only the shepherds paused to hear.  They sang of peace to an earth without peace.  They sang of goodwill to all people.

Is my mind not the stable?   Is my heart not a manger?  They, too, can hold the wonder of which the angels sang.

The Christmas story holds hope for us all.  For in the story — remember! — both the shepherds and the Wise Men found their newborn Lord.  The childlike shepherds came from near at hand.


The Wise Men came from afar.  It was after a long, hard journey that they found the Christ.  Angels sang for the shepherds. The Wise Men probably were too wise to believe in angels.  But they followed the star — and it, too, led them to the Truth.

When the shepherds came looking for God, they brought only their wonder, for this was all they had.  When the Wise Men came looking for God, they brought their gifts. If you are a shepherd, God asks of you only your wonder.   If you are a wise man, God asks of you only your gift.

God reveals Himself alike to shepherds and to Wise Men, to all who come looking for Him.

If you are a wise man, you may have to come by a longer road than in you are a shepherd, but the Christmas wonder, smiling like a newborn child, lies waiting for you to find it.  So if you have a wise man’s mind or if you have a shepherd’s heart, come take a look at Christmas, and be filled with the wonder of God.


This is my prayer for you this Christmas:

May there always be room in your hear for divinity to find a birthing place.  May you be holy as the angels were, faithful as the shepherds were, humble as the cattle were, wise as the Wise Men were.  May you have the compassion Mary had and the understanding Joseph had, and may the blessing of the Christ child be yours, not because of his birth night long ago, but because his love is born in you today!

This article is adapted from James Dillet Freeman’s (1912-2003) former column in Unity Magazine®.  He was an internationally acclaimed poet, author and lecturer. He served as director of the Unity ministerial program as well as director of Silent Unity®.

4To Our Friends …throughout the World

May the peace that passes all understanding embrace you and sustain you as you relax into this exquisite musical rendition of Silent Night and it’s message of peace…

I was inspired to write the interpretive poetry for this movie from the intention of peace and honoring all religions of the world.

As I study the teachings of Jesus I am inspired by his example in that he put Love first and the message to us all is that no matter what religion you feel your connection to God is with – we must all remember that we simply cannot Love and judge in the same instant.


The question to ask ourselves on a regular basis is, “Am I a fault finder of others so I can feel better about myself or am I a Love giver so I can feel the transformational peace that Agape Love brings?”  Do I want to be right, or do I want to love?

This is an invitation to let go of  the temptation to use your attitudinal energy to come at people who are writing “Happy Holidays” as a Christ like intention to recognize and honor people of all beliefs and faiths — and choose instead to see with eyes of understanding. Use this as an opportunity to simply practice being a living example of what humanity can be by putting Love first. 

Jesus exemplified Love in the face of the darkness of mankind’s fear based need to be superior.  So many today believe themselves to be “entitled” to their own versions of what the Truth is or is not as to having the one on only way and path to God.

It is entirely possible that God’s greater plan is to see if we really will love our neighbor as ourselves – or if we will judge them to lift ourselves higher by placing other’s lower for seeing things – experiencing their spiritual connection – differently from how we have decided is the one and only path.

It seems that there are those who toss around the word “truth” without considering how perception and culture – by God’s divine design – play into the equation:  will we love or judge?  Let’s remember this during this is this season intended for PEACE.


Let us join together now
, whatever the holiday celebration – Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Three King’s Day, New Year’s – in achieving World Peace in our lifetimes by experiencing the peace that silence brings.

We hope you enjoyed the beautiful music accompanying my A Silent Night movie; it is performed by musical artist, Dana Cunningham, and her Silent Night album is available for immediate download here.

Blessings of the season…

Let’s MasterMind! 
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PS … Click here to take just a minute to relax into today’s A Silent Night Movie in it’s entirety.

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